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All it takes is your signature.

Are you an unhappy landlord looking for better representation?

Many Landlords don’t realize that all our office requires is your signature and we take care of the takeover on your behalf. Become a Happy Landlord today!

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Your signature allows us to obtain the following:

  • The original copy of the tenancy agreement
  • Your tenants contact details
  • Signed copy of the change of lessor/agent bond form
  • A copy of the original tenant’s application form
  • A copy of the tenant rent ledger
  • The original condition report completed and sign by the tenant
  • A copy of any forms issued to the tenant or pending disputes
  • A copy of the routine inspection reports carried out
  • A copy of all maintenance carried out over the past 12 months
  • Keys to your property held by the Real Estate

Plus any other relevant information that would be of assistance to our office, such as pending or recent maintenance carried out on the property.