Sam Sherman

Licensed Real Estate Agent

A little about me

As a local resident on Bribie for the past 6 years and as a multi award winning real estate agent while living in the Western suburbs of Brisbane, I offer prospective clients a wealth of experience in negotiating at all levels.

This experience was gained from previous careers in the military, international civil service, insurance, small & large businesses.

My experience was gained from a sales career spanning more than 30 years, including the management of a major retail chain.

I believe these experiences have equipped me to be best suited to conduct the marketing and sales negotiations of your most valuable asset, the family home.

I am competitive by nature having in earlier years been a competitive canoeist and raced in the longest canoe race in the world.  I have been a mountaineer and climbed the highest mountains in Europe and Africa.  I have been a free fall parachutist and jumped out of balloons and planes from heights ranging from 600ft to 20,000ft by day and night.

These pursuits sharpen one’s senses and focus the mind, they formulate a certain philosophy in life.


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